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Chapter 11. Making Your Web Pages Dance ... > Do-It-Yourself Disney: Animated GIF ... - Pg. 123

Making Your Web Pages Dance and Sing <BGSOUND SRC="newagetouchyfeely.mid" LOOP="1"> 123 Do-It-Yourself Disney: Animated GIF Images In Chapter 6, I talked about how you can spruce up an otherwise drab web page by adding an image or two. However, if you really want to catch the eye of a busy web surfer, why not go one step further and add an animation to your page? Sound impossible? It's actually a lot easier than you might think thanks to an interesting variation on the GIF file theme: an animated GIF . This format actually incorporates several GIF images into a single package. By using a special program, you can specify that these images be displayed sequentially, thus creating an animation! And the really great news is that the program you need-- it's called GIF Animator--resides right on this book's CD, so you don't have to bother hunting it down and suffering through an endless download. (Please note that GIF Animator is shareware. If you plan on using it regularly, be sure to fork over the measly US$44.95 it costs to register the program.) Webmaster Wisdom