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Chapter 5. Making the Jump to Hyperspace... > Creating an E-mail Link - Pg. 59

Making the Jump to Hyperspace: Adding Links 59 The Least You Need to Know · Address anatomy. To make URLs easier to figure out, you can break them down into four sections: How: // Who/Where/What.How is the protocol (such as http); Who is the host name (such as www.mcfe-; Where is the directory (such as /creatingawebpage/); and What is the filename (such as in- dex.html). · A recipe for links. Here's the basic structure of an HTML link: <A HREF="URL">Link text</A>. · The simplest link. If the page you're linking to is in the same directory as the current document, you can get away with specifying only the filename in the link's URL. · Forging an anchor. To create an anchor, use the following variation on the <A> tag theme: <A NAME="Name"></A>. · Linking to an anchor. To set up a link to an anchor, use this tag: <A HREF="#Name">Link text</A>. · E-mail links. E-mail links use the mailto form of the <A> tag: <A HREF="mailto:E-mailAddress">Link Text</A>