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Chapter 5. Making the Jump to Hyperspace... > Creating an E-mail Link - Pg. 58

Making the Jump to Hyperspace: Adding Links 58 This type of link is called a mailto link because you include the word mailto in the <A> tag. Here's the general form: <A HREF="mailto:YourEmailAddress">The link text goes here</A> Here, YourEmailAddress is your Internet e-mail address. For example, suppose I want to include an e-mail link in one of my web pages. The e-mail address for this book is <>, so I'd set up the link as follows: You can write to me at this book's <A HREF="">e-mail address.</A> Figure 5.3 shows how it looks in Netscape 4. Note that when you point at the link with your mouse, the mailto address appears in the browser's status bar. Figure 5.3. A web page with an e-mail link.