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Laying the Foundation: The Basic Structure of a Web Page 20 Page Pitfalls Another very common page error is to include two or more copies of these basic tags (particularly the <BODY> tag). For best results, make sure you use each of these six basic structural tags only once in each page. Hmm. It's not exactly a work of art, is it? On the excitement scale, these opening moves rank right up there with watching the grass grow and tuning in to C-SPAN on a slow news day. Let's just file this stuff in the "Necessary Evils" section and move on to more interesting things. A Page by Any Other Name: Adding a Title If you try loading your web page into a browser, you'll just get a whole lot of nothingness because you haven't given the browser anything meaty that it can sink its teeth into. The first snack you can offer a hungry browser program is the title of the web page. The page's title is just what you might think it is: the overall name of the page (not to be confused with the name of the file you're creating). When a person views the page, the title appears in the title bar of the browser's window. The <TITLE> Tag To define a title, you surround the title text with the <TITLE> and </TITLE> tags. For example, if you