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Laying the Foundation: The Basic Structure of a Web Page 16 · The Save command.You save a file by selecting the program's File, Save command. The first time you do this with a new file, the Save As dialog box shows up for work. You use this dialog box to specify three things: the filename, the file type, and the file's location on your hard disk. The next few notes discuss some tidbits about the name and type. Webmaster Wisdom Many new HTMLers get confused about whether to use .htm or .html when naming their files. Actually, you're free to use either one because it doesn't make any difference. Note, though, that if you're still using Windows 3. x, you must use .htm. · Use the right file extension.Most web browsers know how to deal only with files that end with either the .htm or the .html file extension (for example, mypage.html). Therefore, when you name your file, be sure to specify either .htm or .html. · Use lowercase filenames only.The majority of web servers (computers that store web pages) are downright finicky when it comes to uppercase letters versus lowercase letters. For example,