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Chapter 24. Joint Ventures: Working with... > Partners in Cyberspace: Working with... - Pg. 276

Joint Ventures: Working with Ads and Affiliate Programs 276 · Keep ads down to a dull roar.Don't paste multiple ads all over your pages. This will not only detract from your content, but will also make the ads less effective. · Avoid large ads.Ads that are large (in terms of kilobytes) may take a long time to download, especially over a slow link. · Avoid annoying ads.You may not have much choice about the kinds of ads that companies send your way. However, if you do have a choice, keep annoying ads to a minimum. By "an- noying" I mean ads that contain pointless animations or dialog boxlike images, as well as pop- ups and pop-unders. Words from the Web The NASCAR effect is the effect produced by a site that displays a large number of logos or advertising images. For those not familiar with the term, NASCAR is a U.S.-based association devoted to professional car racing (it's an acronym for National Association of Stock Car Automobile Racing). Almost all the cars are garishly festooned with sponsor logos, hence the underlying meaning of this phrase. · Place ads out of the way.Ads are ideally positioned on the edges of your page: the top, bottom, left, or right. Don't position ads within the text of your page. · Rotate ads.If you have multiple ads, get yourself a script that rotates the ads with each page view. This makes it more interesting for your visitors and ensures that the impressions are prop-