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Chapter 24. Joint Ventures: Working with... > Partners in Cyberspace: Working with... - Pg. 278

Joint Ventures: Working with Ads and Affiliate Programs 3. 4. 278 For each product you want to feature, set up a link to the specific product on the program site. You usually include some kind of code in the link address that identifies your site as the referrer. Sit back and wait for the checks to come rolling in. Choosing an Affiliate Program The hardest part about setting up an affiliate program is choosing one. There are hundreds available, and they all have different features. Here are a few things to watch for when choosing a program: · Commission rates:These vary widely. Amazon's 15 percent is on the high end of the scale and most programs offer between 3 and 10 percent. Some programs offer a sliding scale where your commission goes up after the total sales attributed to your links goes over a certain amount. · Commission exceptions:Some programs offer their highest commission rate only on certain items. Amazon, for example, offers only a 5 percent commission on its other products (such as CDs and videos). It's also typical to offer a reduced commission on products that are heavily discounted. · Direct versus general links:Most programs pay a much higher commission if a sale was gen- erated from a direct link to a product. (As opposed to linking to the program's home page, for example.) · The commission base:Some programs base the commission on the selling price of the product, others base it on the profit earned by each sale. · Site restrictions:Many programs reject sites that have "unsuitable" themes such as sex, vio- lence, discrimination, or the promotion of illegal activities. · Check thresholds:Many programs won't issue you a check until your commission reaches a certain threshold.