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Chapter 24. Joint Ventures: Working with... > Partners in Cyberspace: Working with... - Pg. 277

Joint Ventures: Working with Ads and Affiliate Programs 277 Figure 24.2.'s Associates Program pays you boffo bucks for sending paying customers its way. Even better, there are affiliate programs available for more than just books. There are programs for CDs, videos, computer software and hardware, food, liquor, furniture, and even cars. This means you can select a program that fits in with the type of site you have. Setting Up an Affiliate Program Setting up an affiliate program typically requires these steps: 1. 2. Go to the site offering the program and sign up for it. Create a "store" on your site. This doesn't have to be anything elaborate, although most pro- grams also offer program-related graphics and other helping hands. Webmaster Wisdom Although most affiliate programs are commission-based, some are based on other criteria. For example, some programs pay a flat fee for each new visitor who purchases something. Other programs offer click- through incentives that pay for each new visitor sent to the site.