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Chapter 24. Joint Ventures: Working with... > Making It a Banner Year: Putting Ads... - Pg. 274

Joint Ventures: Working with Ads and Affiliate Programs 274 Selling Your Ad Space Once you've decided to give up a chunk of your page real estate for an ad or two, you need to make a decision about how you go about attracting advertisers. That means deciding which of the following approaches best suits both you and your site: · Banner exchange network--This is a free network in which sites submit their banner ads and agree to display the banner ads from the other sites in the network. This benefits you not with a direct monetary gain, but by sending more traffic to your site, which means you can make more money in other ways (such as selling stuff or selling ads). The network also sends out ads from paying customers, which is how the network makes its money. · Ad network--This is a company that contracts with a number of advertisers and so generates a pool of ads. It then uses an "ad server" to distribute those ads to sites that have signed up with the ad network. Your site typically gets a percentage of whatever revenue the ad network gen- erates (typically 40 to 60 percent). · Direct selling--This is where you contact advertisers directly and ask them if they want to ad- vertise on your site. Choosing a Banner Exchange or Ad Network There are thousands of banner exchange and ad networks on the loose. How do you choose one that's right for you? Here are some things to look for: · Credit ratio:On a banner exchange network, this is the number of ad impressions that your site has to generate in order to have one of your ads displayed by someone else. The usual ratio is one half, which means that your ad gets displayed once for every two impressions you generate.