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Chapter 24. Joint Ventures: Working with... > Making It a Banner Year: Putting Ads... - Pg. 272

Joint Ventures: Working with Ads and Affiliate Programs 272 Some Ad Lingo You Should Know The waters of the web advertising business are infested with brain-bending buzzwords and sanity- sapping jargon. To survive, you first need to learn the lingo so that you know what the devil these people are jabbering on about. Here's a short lexicon of the most important terms you need to know: · above the fold--Refers to an ad that the user sees without having to scroll down. (This is news- paper jargon, where it refers to stories that appear in the top half of the front page.) Ads that don't appear until the user scrolls down are described as being below the fold. · action--Occurs when the user clicks an ad to visit the advertiser's site, and then performs some action such as purchasing a product, filling in a form, registering, subscribing, or whatever. · ad format--The dimensions of the ad. There are eight standard formats that have been defined for web ads (see Figure 24.1):