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Introduction xiv Page Pitfalls These boxes contain web page cautionary tales that warn you of traps to avoid and hurdles to jump over. What's New in This Edition Sending a book out to market is a little like watching one of your kids leave home. Will they be okay? Will other people accept them? Will they be successful in their chosen field? Will they be displayed prominently at the front of the store? (Well, okay, we probably don't want our kids displayed prom- inently in the front of stores.) I'm happy to report that The Complete Idiot's Guide to Creating a Web Page has been a resounding success in its first four ventures into the cold, cruel world. I've received a lot of comments from people saying they liked the book and really enjoyed the approach. Thanks! The only complaints I heard were from people who wanted more! Well, you got it. This fifth edition includes the same easy-to-digest methods for setting up a web page, but also includes the following tidbits: · · · · · · · · · · · · · Updated coverage of the basic HTML codes to include the latest and greatest enhancements Lots of new tips and traps sprinkled throughout the book Much more extensive coverage of style sheets How to add a search feature to your site How to add a chat room or bulletin board The details of using server-side includes (SSI) Fully revised and updated links to all the web-based resources mentioned in the book How to make money by selling ads on your site How to sell goods and services online An updated HTML tag reference An updated style sheet reference An expanded list of Frequently Asked Questions about HTML Lots of new programs on the CD Online Resources for Readers All the stuff that's crammed into this book is only the beginning. I've also set up a few online resources you can use to get more info and continue your HTML education. This Book's Home Page For starters, there's the World Wide Web home of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Creating a Web Page, which is at the following address: Here you get book info, extra material not found in the book, HTML updates, new and changed HTML resources, and much more. Links to Readers' Web Pages