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Introduction xiii · Tear-out Card: HTML Codes for Cool Characters--This page (it's located after the inside front cover of the book, in case you missed it on the way in) lists all the HTML codes you can use to incorporate characters such as ¢ and © in your web page. (This is all explained in more detail in Chapter 3.) · Appendix A: Speak Like a Geek Glossary--You can find this section near the back of the book. It's a glossary of Internet, World Wide Web, and HTML terms that should help you out if you come across a word or phrase that furrows your brow. · Appendix B: Frequently Asked Questions About HTML--This section runs through a few dozen of the most common questions asked by beginning webmasters and, of course, offers simple solutions to each problem. · The CD: The Webmaster's Toolkit--The book's major bonus is the CD that's glued onto the back cover. This little plastic Frisbee contains a complete Web-master's Toolkit with tons of HTML- related doodads, including all the HTML examples I use in the book, some sample web pages, HTML programs, lots of graphics you can put in your web page, and tons more. · The Complete Idiot's HTML Tag Reference--This is also on the CD, and it gives you a complete list of all the HTML tags in the known universe. · The Complete Idiot's Style Sheet Reference--This CD reference runs through all the available style sheet properties, tells you which browsers support them, lists all the possible values, and gives you lots of examples. · Bonus web chapters--These chapters on my site show you a few ways to make this stuff a bit easier. Specifically, I show you how to wield several tools that take some of the drudgery out of putting together a web page, including Netscape Composer, the Office HTML tools, and more. I give you my web address later in this introduction. Also, as you're trudging through the book, look for the following features that point out important info: Webmaster Wisdom These boxes contain notes, tips, and asides that provide you with interesting and useful (at least theoretically!) nuggets of web page lore. Words from the Web This type of box defines words and phrases that every budding webmaster needs to know.