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Chapter 9. Images Can Be Links, Too > Images can be maps, too. - Pg. 100

Images Can Be Links, Too 100 · Don't use massive images for your links.It's frustrating enough waiting for a humungous image to load if you have a slow Internet connection. However, it's doubly frustrating if that image is an important part of the site's navigation system. In this case, most folks simply take their surfing business elsewhere. As a general rule, it shouldn't take more than a few seconds for surfers with slow connections to download your image. Webmaster Wisdom Remember that most modern browsers display the <IMG> tag's ALT text as a banner when the user hovers the mouse over an image. With an image link, you can use the ALT text to tell the surfer where the link takes him or her. · Try to use images that have at least some connection to the link.For example, suppose you want to set up a link back to your home page. You might have some kind of personal logo or symbol that might seem appropriate, but how many of your surfers will know what this means? A simple icon of a house would probably be more effective. · Unless your image is ridiculously obvious, you should always accompany the graphic with ex-