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Chapter 9. Images Can Be Links, Too > The Ins and Outs of Image Links - Pg. 99

Images Can Be Links, Too 99 Painters, photographers, and other artistic types often turn their websites into online galleries to show off their work. Unfortunately, the image files associated with this kind of work are often huge, so putting even a couple of them on a single page can lead surfers to seek their highbrow enter- tainment elsewhere. A better approach is to create a smaller version--called a thumbnail, in the trade--of each large image and display those scaled-down copies on your "gallery" page or pages. You then set up each thumbnail to link directly to the larger version of the image. Webmaster Wisdom If you have a lot of images, you might want to avoid the drudgery of converting them all to thumbnails. Here are three programs that can automate the thumbnail process: Easy