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Chapter 9. Images Can Be Links, Too > Why should I use an image as a link? - Pg. 98

Images Can Be Links, Too <A HREF="/search.html"> <IMG SRC="search.gif" BORDER=0></A> <A HREF="/index.html"> <IMG SRC="homepage.gif" BORDER=0></A> </BODY> </HTML> 98 Figure 9.2. Cram consecutive image links together for a handy web page toolbar. To make sure the buttons are smushed together, be sure to type out all the <A> tags and <IMG> tags on a single line. Example 2: Navigation Buttons Some websites contain material that could (or should) be read serially. That is, you read one page and then the next page, and so on. In these situations, it's convenient to give the reader an easy method for navigating back and forth through these pages. The solution that many sites use is to set up VCR-style buttons on the page. These are usually arrows that point forward or backward, as well as a "rewind" button that takes the reader to the first page in the series.