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Chapter 9. Images Can Be Links, Too > Images can be maps, too. - Pg. 105

Images Can Be Links, Too 105 Figure 9.7. The image map is now ready for prime time. The Least You Need to Know · Images as links. To set up an image as a link, shoehorn the appropriate <IMG> tag between <A> and </A>: <A HREF="URL"><IMG SRC="filename"></A> · Image link pointers. Use small images that have some connection with the link, and add explanatory text so that people know exactly what they're clicking. · Image maps, step 1. Determine the coordinates of the various clickable areas on your map. A graphics program is the best way to do this, but you can also use the ISMAP trick: <A HREF="whatever"><IMG SRC="YourImageMap" ISMAP></A> · Image maps, step 2. Use the <MAP> tag to name the map (for example, <MAP NAME="MyMap"> and then use the <AREA> tag to define the clickable areas of the image map: <AREA SHAPE="Shape" COORDS="Coords" HREF="URL"> · Image maps, step 3. Tell the browser about the image map by adding the USEMAP attribute to the <IMG> tag: <IMG SRC="YourImageMap" USEMAP="#MapName">