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Part: 3 High HTML Style: Working with Style Sheets - Pg. 155

155 Part 3. High HTML Style: Working with Style Sheets After unveiling a new site to friends, family, and colleagues, you might receive constructive criticisms instead of constant kudos. Grrrr. You mutter a few choice epithets under your breath, but then you realize that, hey, they're right. The changes really would make your pages look better. So, consci- entious webmeister that you are, you begin the long and laborious process of opening all the pages and editing the dozens of tags that determine the look of each page. Sigh. There's got to be a better way. If making large-scale changes to your site is getting you down, I have some good news. There's some web technology that will enable you to change fonts, colors, and other features for 2 or 102 pages with only a few keystrokes! This miraculous bit of techno-trickery is called a style sheet, and you learn how it works here in Part 3.