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Chapter 3. From Buck-Naked to Beautiful:... > Textras: Fancier Text Formatting - Pg. 34

From Buck-Naked to Beautiful: Dressing Up Your Page <HR> Extension <HR ALIGN="LEFT"> <HR ALIGN="CENTER"> <HR ALIGN="RIGHT"> <HR NOSHADE> What It Does Aligns the line with the left margin Centers the line Aligns the line with the right margin 34 Displays the line as a solid line (instead of appearing etched into the screen) Note that you can combine two or more of these attributes in a single <HR> tag. For example, if you want a line that's half the width of the window and is centered, then you'd use the following tag: <HR WIDTH="50%" ALIGN="CENTER"> Webmaster Wisdom The <HR> tag draws a plain horizontal line. You might notice some web pages have fancier lines that use color and other neat texture effects. Those lines are actually images; I show you how to add images to your page in Chapter 6, "A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Clicks: Working with Images."