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Chapter 3. From Buck-Naked to Beautiful:... > Textras: Fancier Text Formatting - Pg. 38

From Buck-Naked to Beautiful: Dressing Up Your Page Table 3.4. RGB Codes for Common Colors If You Use This Value #000000 #FFFFFF #FF0000 #00FF00 #0000FF #FF00FF #00FFFF #FFFF00 You Get This Color Black White Red Green Blue Magenta Cyan Yellow 38 Rather than working with these bizarre RGB values, you might prefer to use the standard HTML color names, which are supported by Internet Explorer 3.0 and later, as well as Netscape Navigator 3.0 and later. These color names use nice English words such as "Blue" and "Tan" (as well as plenty of bizarre words such as "Bisque" and "Orchid"). A complete list of the color names, their corre- sponding RGB values, and a swatch that shows the color are available in the file x11color.htm on the CD in this book (see Figure 3.7 for a black-and-white version of that document).