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Chapter 3. From Buck-Naked to Beautiful:... > Textras: Fancier Text Formatting - Pg. 35

From Buck-Naked to Beautiful: Dressing Up Your Page <FONT SIZE="4">This text uses a font size of 4.</FONT><BR> <FONT SIZE="3">This text uses a font size of 3 (normal).</FONT><BR> <FONT SIZE="2">This text uses a font size of 2.</FONT><BR> <FONT SIZE="1">This text uses a font size of 1.</FONT><BR> <HR> <FONT SIZE="7">Y</FONT>ou can mix and match sizes: <BR> Here at Shyster & Son Brokerage, you'll see your investments <FONT SIZE="7">s</FONT><FONT SIZE="6">h</FONT><FONT SIZE="5">r</FONT> <FONT SIZE="4">i</FONT><FONT SIZE="3">n</FONT><FONT SIZE="2">k</FONT> while our commissions <FONT SIZE="4">g</FONT><FONT SIZE="5">r</FONT><FONT SIZE="6">o</FONT> <FONT SIZE="7">w!</FONT> </BODY> </HTML> 35 Figure 3.5 shows the results as they appear with Internet Explorer.