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Chapter 3. From Buck-Naked to Beautiful:... > Sprucing Up Your Text - Pg. 27

From Buck-Naked to Beautiful: Dressing Up Your Page Text style Monospace Alternative tags <CODE> or <KBD> 27 (Note that, to keep things simple, I've left out the corresponding end tags, such as </STRONG> and </EM>.) I should also mention here that you might want to think twice (or even three times) before using the <U> tag for underlining. As you can see in Figure 3.1, underlined text looks suspiciously like a link, which will only serve to confuse your readers. Keep in mind that this book's CD includes all the HTML examples you read about in the book. (For more about the CD, see Appendix C, "The CD: The Webmaster's Toolkit.") This helps make your web-building chores easier because you can use the examples to get started with your own pages. To get your mitts on the example I used previously, look for the file named bookstor.htm on the CD. If you don't have a CD-ROM drive on your computer, or if the CD is damaged, you can get the examples from my website at the following URL: ples.html Combining Text Formats You should note, as well, that all modern browsers are perfectly happy to let you combine these text styles. So, for example, if you need bold italic text, you can get it by throwing the <B> and <I> tags together, like so: <B><I>This'll give you, like, bold italic text</I></B> Accessorizing: Displaying Special Characters