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Chapter 3. From Buck-Naked to Beautiful:... > Sprucing Up Your Text - Pg. 26

From Buck-Naked to Beautiful: Dressing Up Your Page Table 3.1. The Basic Text Formatting Tags Text style Bold Italic Underline Monospace Begin tag <B> <I> <U> <TT> End tag </B> </I> </U> </TT> 26 Here's a sample HTML document (bookstor.htm on this book's CD) that shows each of these styles in action. Figure 3.1 shows how the styles look when viewed with Internet Explorer. <HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>Some Basic Text Formatting Styles</TITLE> </HEAD> <BODY> <U>Supply Without the Demand</U> <P> <TT>Print-on-demand</TT> is new system that lets bookstores print out a book whenever a customer asks for one. It's <I>really</I> slick. Recently, I was in a store called <b>The Book "Seller"</B> and it had a service called <B>Print- On-Non-Demand</B> featuring books that <I>very</I> few people would ever order, much less print out. The titles included <I>The Complete Idiot's Guide to Village Idiocy</I> and <I>The 10-Minute Guide to Butt-Scanning</I>. </P> </BODY> </HTML>