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Frequently Asked Questions About HTML How do I change more than one frame from a single link? 307 The only way to do this is to have your link point to another frameset page. For example, suppose your original frameset page looks like this: <FRAMESET COLS="100,*"> <FRAME SRC="menu.html" NAME="Left"> <FRAMESET ROWS="50%,*"> <FRAME SRC="one.html" NAME="TopRight"> <FRAME SRC="two.html" NAME="BottomRight"> </FRAMESET> </FRAMESET> This page sets up a frame on the left (named, boringly, "Left") and two frames on the right ("TopRight" and "BottomRight"). To change the two right frames in one fell swoop, set up your link to point to an identical frameset page that uses different SRC values in the "TopRight" and "BottomRight" frames: <FRAMESET COLS="100,*"> <FRAME SRC="menu.html" NAME="Left"> <FRAMESET ROWS="50%,*"> <FRAME SRC="three.html" NAME="TopRight"> <FRAME SRC="four.html" NAME="BottomRight"> </FRAMESET> </FRAMESET> I don't want my site displayed in someone else's frames. Is it possible to prevent that? Yes. Assuming your frames page is named "myframes.html", insert the following JavaScript into