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Frequently Asked Questions About HTML 305 How can I get a MIDIfile to play as a background sound in both Internet Explorer and Netscape? It's okay to use both the <BGSOUND> and <EMBED> tags in the same document: <BGSOUND SRC="earsore.mid" LOOP="INFINITE"> <EMBED SRC="earsore.mid" AUTOSTART="TRUE" HIDDEN="TRUE" LOOP="0"> Can I use a sound file with a mouseover instead of an image? To play a sound in JavaScript, you set the <SPAN STYLE="font-family: monospace"> location.href</ SPAN> property equal to the sound file you want to play, like so: location.href="" So with a mouseover, you'd tack this on to the end (note the semicolon in between): onMouseover="books.src='books-on.gif'; location.href=''" How do I create RealAudio or RealVideo files? RealNetworks has a tools page that offers programs for creating streaming media: products/tools/index.html. Webmaster Wisdom This book's CD is home to a copy of the Crescendo plug-in. Why doesn't Netscape play sounds when I test my pages? You might need to get the proper plug-in. Check out the Crescendo page: Forms Questions What is this"cgi-bin"thing that I see all over the web? "cgi-bin" is the name of a directory where CGI scripts and programs are stored. How do I use a form's Submit buttonto create a link to another page? Set up cute little miniforms that consist of just a single BUTTON control. You add the JavaScript <SPAN STYLE="font-family: monospace">onClick</SPAN> attribute and use it to set the location property to the address of the web page you want to load: <FORM> <INPUT TYPE="BUTTON" VALUE="Paul's Place" onClick="location=''"> </FORM> Create a separate miniform for each link. Note, too, that you need to use a table if you want to line up the buttons side by each.