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Frequently Asked Questions About HTML 304 You'll probably need to try this whole procedure several times using different values for the com- pression in step 5. Start with 50 percent and work higher in, say, increments of 10 percent. After each save, check the right hand side of the status bar to see the size of the image in kilobytes (KBytes). Also, check the quality of the image in the browser. The idea is that you want to compress the image as much as possible while still maintaining acceptable quality. How can I slice up a large image to put in a table or use as an image map? The easiest way I know is to use the Picture Dicer program: dicer01.htm. How do I get text to wrap around an image? Add one of the following to your <IMG> tag: · ALIGN="LEFT":Aligns the image on the left side of the screen. Subsequent text wraps around the right side of the image. · ALIGN="RIGHT":Aligns the image on the right side of the screen. Subsequent text wraps around the left side of the image. Why does it take so long for my mouseover images to appear? The first time you hover the mouse over an image, the browser has to download the new image from the server, which can take time. The easiest way to reduce that time is to use smaller images. If that's not practical, you can also "preload" all the images. This means that the images are loaded into memory when the page is loaded, so they appear immediately when the user places the mouse over the image. See the following mouseover tutorial to learn how to preload images: www.mcfe-