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Frequently Asked Questions About HTML · Image · · See also the following Yahoo! index: How do I get those little banners to pop up when the user puts the mouse over an image? Add ALT text to your <IMG> tag: <IMG SRC="vacation12.gif" ALT="This is a picture of me getting mugged in Marrakesh"> 303 Most modern browsers display that text as a banner when the mouse pointer sits over an image for a second or two. When I use an image as a link, how do I remove the border around the image? Add BORDER=0 to your <IMG> tag, as in this example: <A HREF="something.html"> <IMG SRC="jiffy.gif" BORDER=0> </A> I'm an AOL user, and my uploaded images are distorted. What's the problem? AOL compresses uploaded images, which causes problems for some files. There's a full explanation on the AOL Webmaster Info site: