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Frequently Asked Questions About HTML The fact that you're not seeing your images is probably due to one of the following reasons: 302 · If you're viewing your page on your home machine, the HTML file and the image files might be sitting in separate directories on your computer. Try moving your image files into the same directory that holds your HTML file. · If you're viewing your page on the web, make sure you sent the image files to your server. · Make sure you have the correct match for uppercase and lowercase letters. If an image is on your server and it's named "image.gif", and your IMG tag refers to "IMAGE.GIF", your image won't show up. In this case, you'd have to edit your IMG tag so that it refers to "image.gif". Is it possible to change the color of the border that appears around images used as links? The image link border color is the same as the regular link color. Therefore, you can change the border color by using the LINK, ALINK, and VLINK attributes in the <BODY> tag. For example, if you want a red border, you use this: <BODY LINK="#FF0000" ALINK="#FF0000" VLINK="#FF0000"> When I'm using an image as a link, how do I remove the border around the image? Add BORDER="0" to your <IMG> tag, as in this example: <A HREF="something.html"> <IMG SRC="jiffy.gif" BORDER="0"> </A> How do I create thumbnail images? A thumbnail is just a smaller version of an existing image. What you need to do is load the original image into a graphics program and then use the program's Resize command to scale down the