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Part: 6 Show Me the Money: Turning Your ... > General HTML Questions - Pg. 300

Frequently Asked Questions About HTML For example, consider the following: <A HREF="whatever.html" TARGET="LinkWindow">Click this!</A> 300 This opens a new window and displays the "whatever.html" page within that window. The browser assigns the name "LinkWindow" to that window. This means that you can load anything into that window just by referring to the same window name, like so: <A HREF="another.html" TARGET="LinkWindow">Click this, too!</A> This link displays the "another.html" page in the same window that the previous link opened. How do I use a custom bullet in a bulleted list? The solution I use is a two-column table, like so: <TABLE> <TR VALIGN="TOP"> <TD><IMG SRC="yourbullet.gif"></TD> <TD>Bullet point 1 text goes here...</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="TOP"> <TD><IMG SRC="yourbullet.gif"></TD> <TD>Bullet point 2 text goes here...</TD> </TR> etc. </TABLE>