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Chapter 13. Fooling Around with Frames > Frame Frills and Frippery - Pg. 151

Fooling Around with Frames _self _top _blank Loads the new page into the same frame that contains the link. Loads the new page into the entire window. Loads the new page into a new browser window. 151 Webmaster Wisdom In frame circles, proper etiquette dictates that links to external sites should either take over the entire screen (TARGET="_top") or be displayed in a separate browser window (TARGET="_blank"). Unfortunately, many framesters don't follow this etiquette and, instead, greedily display every link within their frames. Besides curs- ing their ancestry, what can you do to make sure that your page doesn't get jailed within someone else's frames? Include a link on your page that points to the same page, but uses the TARGET="_top" attribute. For example, if your page is named index.html, add a link like this one: <A HREF="index.html" TAR- GET="_top">Deframe this page</A> Specifying a Default Target