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Chapter 13. Fooling Around with Frames > Teaching Frames and Links to Get Along - Pg. 150

Fooling Around with Frames 150 For example, here's an updated frame page (frame4.htm on this book's CD) that includes names for the upper and lower frame: <HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>Named Horizontal Frames</TITLE> </HEAD> <FRAMESET ROWS="25%,75%"> <FRAME SRC="1.htm" NAME="upper"> <FRAME SRC="2.htm" NAME="lower"> </FRAMESET> </HTML> With your frames named, you can make any link load inside a particular frame by adding a TARGET attribute to the <A HREF> tag. For example, here's the <A HREF> tag from 2.HTM: <A HREF="3.htm" TARGET="lower">This is a link to 3.HTM</A> As you can see, the TARGET attribute is set to Lower, which is the name of the bottom frame. Clicking this link, therefore, loads the new page in this frame, as shown in Figure 13.7.