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Part: 1 Creating Your First Web Page > Publish or Perish: Putting Your Page on ... - Pg. 81

81 Chapter 8. Publish or Perish: Putting Your Page on the Web In This Chapter · A look inside your new web home · How to get your web pages to the provider · Getting your site on the search engines · A blow-by-blow description of the whole web page publishing thing In the same way that (some say) a tree falling in the forest makes no sound if no one is around to hear it, a web page makes no impact if no one else can see it. In philosophical circles, this conundrum is known as the Use-It-Or-Lose-It Paradox. What it really means is that all your efforts of the past few chapters will have been wasted if you don't take that final step, your biggest and boldest one yet: publishing your pages to the web. This chapter shows you how to help your web pages emigrate from their native land (your hard disk) to the New World (the web). I show you how to best prepare them for the journey, how to select a mode of transportation, and how to settle your pages when they've arrived. What does your web home look like? After you sign up with a web hosting provider and your account is established, the web administrator creates two things for you: a directory on the server computer that you can use to store your web page files, and your very own web address. (This is also true if you're using a web server associated with your corporate or school network.) The directory usually takes one of the following forms: /yourname/ /usr/yourname/ /usr/yourname/www-docs/ In each case, yourname is the login name (or user name) that the provider assigns to you, or it may be your domain name (minus the .com part). Remember, this is a slice of the host's web server and this slice is yours to monkey around with as you see fit. This usually means you can do all or most of the following: · · · · · Add files to the directory Add subdirectories to the directory Move or copy files from one directory to another Rename files or directories Delete files from the directory