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Part: 1 Creating Your First Web Page > A Brief HTML Primer - Pg. 2

2 Chapter 1. A Brief HTML Primer In This Chapter · What in the name of blue blazes is HTML? · A look at what kind of havoc you can wreak with HTML · Answers to pressing HTML questions · A veritable cornucopia of web page examples that show HTML in its best light Before you go off half-cocked and start publishing pages willy-nilly on the World Wide Web, it helps to have a bit of background on HTML. After all, you wouldn't try to set up shop in a new country without first understanding the local geography and customs and learning a few choice phrases, such as "I am sorry I insulted your sister" and "You don't buy beer, you rent it!" This chapter gives you a handle on the HTML hoo-ha that seems to be such an integral part of web page construction. What is HTML? Why bother with it? What can you do with it? Why does it sound