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Chapter 19. Caffeinating Your Pages: Add... > Java Resources on the Web - Pg. 225

Caffeinating Your Pages: Adding Java Applets Here's the code that sets up the applet (see javajump.htm on the CD in this book): 225 <APPLET CODE="JavaJump.class" WIDTH=250 HEIGHT=32> <PARAM NAME="bgcolor" VALUE="0,0,0"> <PARAM NAME="pages" VALUE="3"> <PARAM NAME="url1" VALUE="CIG to Creating a Web Page;"> <PARAM NAME="url2" VALUE="Paul McFedries' Web Home;"> <PARAM NAME="url3" VALUE="Gamelan (Java Applets);"> </APPLET> Let's look at each <PARAM> tag in turn. The first one sets the background color of the applet: <PARAM NAME="bgcolor" VALUE=""> Here, the VALUE parameter is set to three numbers ( red, green, and blue ), which are values be- tween 0 and 255. The second <PARAM> tag specifies the number of items that appear in the list: <PARAM NAME="pages" VALUE="total"> Words from the Web The adjective Javlovian is used to describe the automatic response that causes marketing types to come up with only cute, coffee-related names for Java-based products (for example, Café, Roaster, Java Beans, Latte, and so on ad nauseum). The rest of the <PARAM> tags specify the list items and they use the following format: <PARAM NAME="urlx" VALUE="Name;URL "> Here, x is the item number (so your parameter names will be url1, url2, and so on), Name is the page name that appears in the list, and URL is the full URL of the web page. Java Resources on the Web If this short chapter has tickled your Java fancy and you want more, don't sweat it. The web is brim full to bursting with Java sites. Some of them are just so-so, but there are plenty of good ones. Here are some of my favorites (see javasite.htm on the CD in this book): · Developer's Daily--Designed with the Java programmer in mind, this site has links to tons of tutorials, FAQs, and applets. See · site includes hundreds of applets, Java courses, links to other sites, and much more. See · Gamelan--This is "The Official Directory for Java" and remains one of the premier Java sites on the web. See · JARS.COM--This site bills itself as "The #1 Java Review Service," and I have no reason to doubt it. You'll find thoughtful reviews of hundreds of applets in dozens of categories. See · The Java Boutique--This is a first-rate site with lots of applets, programming tutorials, Java news, articles, forums, and more. See