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Chapter 19. Caffeinating Your Pages: Add... > Java Resources on the Web - Pg. 226

Caffeinating Your Pages: Adding Java Applets 226 · Netscape's Java Developer Central--If you think you want to learn Java, this comprehensive site is a great place to start. See · ScriptSearch--As I'm sure you've come to expect, this site has the Java goods, as well, with hundreds and hundreds of applets to play with. See · Sun Microsystems--I mentioned earlier that Sun Microsystems invented Java, so its site's a must-visit for news, documentation, discussions, and lots and lots of high-quality applets. See · Webmonkey--The famously simian site has a few nice Java tutorials and articles that are worth checking out. See · Yahoo! Java Index--This site contains a great listing of Java resources. See Computers_and_Internet/Programming_Languages/Java. The Least You Need to Know · The applet skinny. A Java applet is a miniprogram that gets loaded with the regular page riffraff and then runs right on the page. · The <APPLET> tag. Here's the general shape of the <APPLET> tag (where file is the name of the .class file that contains the applet): <APPLET CODE="file" WIDTH="x" HEIGHT="y"> Alternative text for non-Java browsers goes here. </APPLET> · Adding parameters. If the applet takes one or more parameters, you specify their details by using <PARAM> tags between <APPLET> and </APPLET>: <PARAM NAME="name" VALUE="value">