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Chapter 6. A Picture Is Worth a Thousand... > Changing the Page Background - Pg. 70

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Clicks: Working with Images 70 If the text in one or more of the bullets is quite long, a better approach is to create a table. I show you how to do this in Chapter 10, "Table Talk: Adding Tables to Your Page." Page Pitfalls Although graphics have a thousand-and-one uses, that doesn't mean you should include a thousand-and-one images in each page. Bear in mind that many of your readers are accessing your site from a slow modem link, so graphics take forever to load. If you have too many images, most folks give up and head somewhere else. Changing the Page Background Depending on the browser you use, web page text and graphics often float in a sea of dull, drab gray, or plain white. It's about as exciting as a yawning festival. To give things a little pep, you can change the background color your page appears on to whatever suits your style. You can also specify an image to appear as the background. Using a Color as the Background The guts of your page appears within the body, so it makes sense that you change the background by tweaking the <BODY> tag. The simplest method is specifying a new background color: