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A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Clicks: Working with Images Note, too, that even if a surfer does have graphics turned on, using ALT is still a good idea because many modern browsers (particularly Internet Explorer) display the ALT text in a banner when users hover their mouse pointers over the image. 69 Separating Text and Images If you surround your images with text, you'll find that the text often bumps up against the image borders. To create a margin between the image and the surrounding text, add the HSPACE and VSPACE attributes to the <IMG> tag: <IMG SRC="filename" HSPACE="h" VSPACE="v"> HSPACE creates a margin between the image and the text to its left and right (where h is the size of the margin, in pixels). VSPACE creates a margin between the image and the text above and below (where v is the size of the margin, in pixels). Good Uses for Images on Your Web Page Images are endlessly useful, and they're an easy way to give your page a professional look and feel. Although I'm sure you can think of all kinds of ways to put pictures to work, here are a few suggestions: · · · · · · · · A company logo on a business-related page Graphics from an ad Drawings done by the kids in a paint program Charts and graphs Fancy-schmancy fonts Your signature Using a graphic line in place of the <HR> tag Using graphic bullets to create a better bulleted list You might be wondering how to do that last item. Well, there are a number of ways to go about it, but the one I use for short lists is to create a definition list (see Chapter 4, "The Gist of a List: Adding Lists to Your Page") and precede each item in the list with a graphic bullet. For example, the following code uses a file called redball.gif: <DL> <DD><IMG SRC="redball.gif">First item</DD> <DD><IMG SRC="redball.gif">Second item</DD> <DD><IMG SRC="redball.gif">Third item</DD> </DL> Words from the Web A Jpig is a web page that takes forever to load be cause it's either jammed to the hilt with graphics, or because it contains one or two really large images. Also, a vanity plate is an annoyingly large image that serves no useful purpose.