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Chapter 6. A Picture Is Worth a Thousand... > Giving a GIF a Transparent Backgroun... - Pg. 73

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Clicks: Working with Images 73 It's also possible to make a transparent background in Paint Shop Pro when you start an image from scratch. In the New Image dialog box, select Transparent in the Back ground color list box. Then select Colors, Set Palette Transparency. In the dialog box, activate Set the transparency value to the current background color and then click OK. The Least You Need to Know · Graphics formats knocked down to size. There are billions and billions of graphics formats floating around, but only two are used extensively on the web: GIF and JPEG. · Where to get images. Other than your own artistic endeavors, graphics are available from clip art libraries, other web pages, Internet archives, via scanner or fax, and on the CD that accompanies this book. · Converting graphics to web-friendly formats. If you have a graphic that isn't GIF or JPEG, convert it using Paint Shop Pro or one of the other graphics programs that comes on the CD in this book. · The <IMG> tag. To add an image to your web page, include the <IMG SRC= " filename "> tag, where filename is the name of the graphics file. · Page background makeovers. To change the page background, use the <BODY> tag's BGCOLOR attrib- ute to change the color and/or the BACKGROUND attri bute to use an image as the background. · Pixel perfect positioning. The pixel shim (spacer.gif) is a 1 × 1 transparent image. You use it to precisely position text and other graphics by putting spacer.gif in an <IMG> tag and then manipulating the HEIGHT and WIDTH attributes as needed.