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Chapter 6. A Picture Is Worth a Thousand... > Images: Some Semi-Important Backgrou... - Pg. 68

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Clicks: Working with Images 68 Webmaster Wisdom What happens if you're using ALIGN="LEFT" or ALIGN="RIGHT" to wrap text around an image, but then you want to start a new line or a new paragraph after the image? The solution here is to toss in a <BR> (line break) tag that uses the CLEAR attribute. There are three different CLEAR values you can use: <BR CLEAR="LEFT"> <BR CLEAR="RIGHT"> <BR CLEAR="ALL"> Use CLEAR="LEFT" to start the next line when the left margin is clear; use CLEAR="RIGHT" to start the next line when the right margin is clear; use CLEAR="ALL" to start the next line when both margins are clear. Handling Graphically Challenged Text Browsers Most browsers come with a feature that enables you to turn off the display of images. This feature is a favorite among people with slow Internet connections because it means that most web pages load considerably faster. In this case, the user sees only an icon where the image would normally