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Chapter 6. A Picture Is Worth a Thousand... > Images: Some Semi-Important Backgrou... - Pg. 63

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Clicks: Working with Images 63 Converting Graphics to GIF or JPEG What do you do if you've got the perfect image for your web page, but it's not in GIF or JPEG format? You need to get your hands on a graphics program that's capable of converting images into different formats. Here are three that are commonly used by web graphics gurus: · Paint Shop Pro.An excellent all-around graphics program that's great not only for converting graphics, but also for manipulating existing images and for creating new images. Best of all, there's no download required because a trial version of this program is available on this book's CD. See · GraphX.This is a neat little program that's happy to convert a whack of graphics formats into GIF or JPEG. A trial version of this one's also available on this book's CD. See · ACDSee32.This is a simple program that works best as a graphics viewer. How ever, it can also convert many different graphics formats into JPEG (but not GIF, unfortunately). A trial ver- sion of this program is available on this book's CD, as well. See · LView Pro.The latest versions can perform lots of image manipulation tricks, but it's still best as a graphics converter. See · PolyView.A good converter with some interesting graphics features (such as the ability to create a web page from a set of images). See · Graphic Workshop.This program has a bit of a clunky interface, but it does a good job of con- verting graphics. See gwspro.html. · IrfanView.This powerful program can not only convert your images to all the major formats, but it's free, too! See For most of these programs, you use the same steps to convert an image from one format to another: