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Part: 2 A Grab Bag of Web Page Wonders - Pg. 94

94 Part 2. A Grab Bag of Web Page Wonders The HTML hoops I made you jump through in Part 1 will stand you in good stead for the majority of your web page projects. In fact, you now have enough HTML trivia crammed into your brain to keep you going strong for the rest of your career as a web author. But that doesn't mean you should rip out the rest of this book and turn it into confetti. Heck no. You still have quite a few nuggets of HTML gold to mine, and that's just what you do here in Part 2. Think of the next few chapters as page- bound piñatas, stuffed full of various HTML candies and toys. You only have to whack each one with a stick (metaphorically speaking, of course) to spill out things like using images as links (Chapter 9), adding sounds (Chapter 11), creating tables (Chapter 10), forms (Chapter 12), and frames (Chapter 13).