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Part: 2 A Grab Bag of Web Page Wonders > Fooling Around with Frames - Pg. 143

143 Chapter 13. Fooling Around with Frames In This Chapter · What frames are all about · How to get a basic frame layout up and running · Tweaking frames to get them just so · How to handle browsers that don't understand frames · A step-by-step approach with the aim to tame the frame game Like most guys, I enjoy technology and take every opportunity to ring the bells and blow the whistles on whatever new techtoy comes my way. Take picture-in-picture (PIP) for instance. I think the en- gineering genius who came up with PIP should be awarded some kind of Nobel Geeks Prize. For my money, it's just insanely great to be able to leave one channel in view while you surf around to see what else is happening.