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Part: 2 A Grab Bag of Web Page Wonders > Need Feedback? Create a Form! - Pg. 128

128 Chapter 12. Need Feedback? Create a Form! In This Chapter · An introduction to forms · Populating your form with buttons, boxes, and other bangles · Where to find the programs that make your form run · Almost everything you need to know to create great forms Back in Chapter 5, "Making the Jump to Hyperspace: Adding Links," and Chapter 9, "Images Can Be Links, Too," I showed you how to use hypertext links to add a semblance of interactivity to your pages. However, beyond this basic level of interaction lies a whole genre of web pages called forms. This chapter tells you what forms are all about and takes you step-by-step through the cre- ation of a basic form. I even point out a few resources that you can turn to for processing forms (including a special resource designed just for readers of this book).