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Part: 2 A Grab Bag of Web Page Wonders > Images Can Be Links, Too - Pg. 95

95 Chapter 9. Images Can Be Links, Too In This Chapter · How to set up an image as a hypertext link · Some handy ideas for using image links · A few image pitfalls to watch out for · How to create your own image maps--without programming! · Lots of nifty techniques for turning image lead into link gold You might think that web page images are all show and no go, but I assure you they can "go" with the best of them. Specifically, I mean you can use them as links, just like regular text. The reader just clicks the image, and then goes off to whatever corner of the web you specify. This chapter shows you not only how to set up an image as a link but also how to create image maps --graphics that contain multiple links.