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Chapter 1. A Brief HTML Primer > What can you do with HTML? - Pg. 3

A Brief HTML Primer 3 these hypertext links are really the distinguishing feature of the World Wide Web, web pages are often known as hypertext documents. So, HTML has the word "HyperText" in it because you use it to create these hypertext documents. (It would be just as accurate to call it WPML--Web Page Markup Language.) · Markup--My dictionary defines "markup" as (among other things) "detailed stylistic instructions written on a manuscript that is to be typeset." For our purposes, I can rephrase this definition as follows: "detailed stylistic instructions typed into a text document that is to be published on the World Wide Web." That's HTML in a nutshell. It has a few simple codes for detailing things such as making text bold or italic, creating bulleted lists, inserting images, and, of course, defining links. You just type these codes into the appropriate places in an ordinary text document, and the web browser software does the dirty work of translating the codes. The result? Your page is displayed the way you want, automatically. · Language--This word might be the most misleading of them all. Many people interpret this to mean that HTML is a programming language, and they wash their hands of the whole thing right off the bat. "You mean I gotta learn programming to get my two cents worth on the web?" Not a chance, Vance. HTML has nothing, I repeat, nothing, whatsoever to do with computer program- ming. Rather, HTML is a "language" in the sense that it has a small collection of two- and three- letter combinations and words that you use to specify styles such as bold and italic. What can you do with HTML? All right, so HTML isn't the Hideous, Terrible, Mega-Leviathan that its name might suggest, but rather a Harmless, Tame, Mini-Lapdog. What can you do with such a creature? Well, lots of things, actually. After all, people aren't flocking to the web because it's good for their health. Just the opposite, in fact. They're surfing 'til they drop because the web presents them with an attractive and easily