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Chapter 1. A Brief HTML Primer > Pages from All Walks of Web Life - Pg. 9

A Brief HTML Primer 9 Figure 1.6. Hobby pages abound on the web. Not for Bathroom Reading: Electronic Magazines The web's marriage of text and graphics meant it was only a matter of time before someone decided to "publish" a web-based magazine. Now it seems that new electronic magazines (they're usually called either webzines or e-zines) hit the web's newsstands every few days. The quality, as you might expect, runs the gamut from professional to prosaic, from slick to sick. But the good ones are very good, with well-written articles, handsome graphics, and some unique approaches to the whole magazine thing. There are, literally, hundreds of e-zines out there, so there's no shortage of reading material. John Labovitz maintains a list of e-zines at Figure 1.7 shows the home page for Shock Value, a webzine published by reader C.J. Cauley.