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Chapter 1. A Brief HTML Primer > What can you do with HTML? - Pg. 5

A Brief HTML Primer 5 Figure 1.2. This page from Yahoo! shows a few links to some, uh, unusual sites. You can insert images Fancy text effects, lists, and lotsa links go a long way toward making a web page a hit. But for a real crowd-pleasing page, you want to throw in an image or two. It could be a picture of yourself, a drawing the kids made, some clip art, or any of the images that are on this book's CD. As long as you have the image in a graphics file, you can use HTML to position the image appropriately on your page. I give you the details (as well as info on the types of graphics files you can use) in Chapter 6, "A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Clicks: Working with Images." Figure 1.3 shows an example page with an image. This is a page from my site, and the image is used to illustrate a point from the text.