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Chapter 1. A Brief HTML Primer > What can you do with HTML? - Pg. 4

A Brief HTML Primer · You can use different font sizes for words and even individual characters. 4 Figure 1.1 shows examples of each kind of style. (I show you how to use HTML to format web page text in Chapter 3, "From Buck-Naked to Beautiful: Dressing Up Your Page." Figure 1.1. Some examples of HTML text styles. You can create lists of things If you're presenting information on your web page, it helps if you can display your data in a way that makes sense and is easy to read. In some cases, this means arranging the data in lists, such as a numbered list or a bulleted list (see Figure 1.1 for an example of the latter). I fill you in on how to use HTML to create these and other kinds of lists in Chapter 4, "The Gist of a List: Adding Lists to Your Page."