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Chapter 14. A Beginner's Guide to Style ... > Three Sheets to the Web: Style Sheet... - Pg. 162

A Beginner's Guide to Style Sheets 162 Why is this so powerful? Well, you can add the same <LINK> tag to any number of web pages and they'll all use the same style definitions. This makes it a breeze to create a consistent look and feel for your site. And if you decide that your <H1> text should be green, instead, all you have to do is edit the style sheet file (mystyles.css). Automatically, every single one of your pages that link to this file will be updated with the new style! Webmaster Wisdom The HREF part of the <LINK> tag doesn't have to be a simple filename. You can use a full URL, if need be. This is handy if you've set up your site with multiple directories, or if you want to link to an external style sheet file on another site. (I don't recommend the latter, however, because it takes your pages a bit longer to load because the browser has to go fetch the file.) Method #3: Inline Styles In the two style sheet methods we've looked at so far, the browser applies the style to every instance