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Chapter 14. Writing a Listing That Sells > Other Ways to Describe Your Item

Other Ways to Describe Your Item

There are some other grading-related abbreviations you can use in your item listings. As you can see in Table 14.3, these abbreviations help you describe your item (especially in the title) without wasting a lot of valuable space.

Table 14.3. Grading-Related Terms
ARCAdvanced readers copyA pre-publication version of a book manuscript, typically released to reviewers and bookstores for publicity purposes
BUBuilt upFor models and other to-be-assembled items; indicates that the item has already been assembled
CCCut cornerSome closeout items are marked by a notch on the corner of the package
COCut outCloseout item
COACertificate of authenticityDocument that vouches for the authenticity of the item; often found with autographed or rare collectible items
COCCut out cornerSame as CC (cut corner)
COHCut out holeSome closeout items are marked by a small hole punched somewhere on the package
FSFactory sealedStill in the original manufacturer's packaging
GPGold plateItem is gold plated
HCHard coverUsed to indicate hardcover (as opposed to softcover, or paperback) books
HEHeavy gold electroplatedItem has heavy gold plating
HTFHard to findItem isn't in widespread circulation
LELimited editionItem was produced in limited quantities
LSWLabel shows wearItem's label shows normal usage for its age
MCUMight clean upMight show a higher grade if cleaned or otherwise restored
MIBMint in boxItem in perfect condition, still in the original box
MIMBMint in mint boxItem in perfect condition, still in the original box—which itself is in perfect condition
MIPMint in packageItem in perfect condition, still in the original package
MISBMint in sealed boxItem in perfect condition, still in the original box with the original seal
MNBMint, no boxMint-condition item but without the original packaging
MOCMint on cardFor action figures and similar items, an item in perfect condition still in its original carded package
MOMCMint on mint cardItem in perfect condition, still on its original carded package—which is also in mint condition
MONMCMint on near-mint cardSame as MOMC, but with the card in less-than-perfect condition
MWBMTMint with both mint tagsFor stuffed animals that typically have both a hang tag and a tush (sewn-on) tag, indicates both tags are in perfect condition
MWBTMint with both tagsSame as MWBMT, but with the tags in less-than-mint condition
MWMTMint with mint tagMint-condition item with its original tag, which is also in mint condition
NIBNew in boxBrand-new item, still in its original box
NOSNew old stockOld, discontinued parts in original, unused condition
NRNo reserveIndicates that you're selling an item with no reserve price
NRFBNever removed from boxAn item bought but never used or played with
NWOTNew without tagsItem, unused, but without its original tags
NWTNew with tagsItem, unused, that still has its original hanging tags
OOPOut of printItem is no longer being manufactured
P/OPunched outSame as CC (cut corner)
RRRe-releaseNot the original issue, but rather a reissue (typically done for the collector's market)
SCSoft coverA paperback (non–hard cover) book
SSStill sealedAs it says, still in the original sealed package
SWSlight wearOnly minor wear commensurate with age
VHTFVery hard to findSelf-descriptive
WOCWriting on coverItem has markings on front surface



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