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TEENS 1504 Listen Up! Listen Up! is a PBS program that "connects youth producers and their adult mentors from around the country to exchange work, share experiences and learn from one another." You can find out more about Listen Up!, its national programs and distribution support, festival opportunities, and funding. MyFuture 14­18 Resources to help high school students plan for their future. Includes information about saving money, choosing careers, creating resumes, investigating military opportunities, understanding al- coholism, buying cars, finding scholarships, and dating. SmartGirl 14­18 SmartGirl, founded by Isabel Walcott, is now owned and maintained by the University of Michigan. Obviously focused on teenage girls, it features a newsletter, advice column, surveys, a place to submit original poetry or prose, and various product reviews. TechnoTeen 14­18 Super site for teens features a student center, relationship questionnaires, teen horoscopes and jokes, chat rooms and discussion forums, a date finder, and much more. Some stuff is not suitable for younger teens. Teen Advice Online 14­18 Counseling center where you can get help from a team of nonprofessional counselors age 13 years and older. Meet the volunteer counselors, read articles on various teenage-related issues, or post your question to get some free advice.